BEIJING, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) - A spokesman Affairs Office of Hong Kong and Macao of the State Council said on Monday it is wrong to say that the Hong Kong region (SAR) exercises "separation of powers" and such misrepresentation must be corrected

. spokesman expressed support for the decision of the Office of Education RAE to remove the relevant content of textbooks

. the spokesman for the Hong Kong, a local administrative region directly under the central government enjoys a high degree of autonomy, with its administrative, legislative and judicial powers of all delegated by the central authorities, said

. the constitutional status of the determined RAE its political system should not be simply compared with that of a sovereign state, nor can it exercises the "separation of powers" based on the full power of a sovereign state, the spokesman said, adding that "separation of powers" has never existed in Hong Kong

. According to the Basic Law of the HKSAR Chief Executive he is in the leading position and core configuration and operation of political power, while administrative and legislative hold organs together under control but more important to coordinate between yes. The judiciary exercising judicial power independently, said spokesman

. Not exercise the "separation of powers" is an important guiding principle in drafting the Basic Law, the spokesman said

. to the fervent preaching the "separation of powers", some people in Hong Kong seek to undermine the authority of the Chief Executive and the government of Hong Kong as well as to oppose the general jurisdiction of the central government through Hong Kong through extension of the legislative and judicial branches, the spokesman said. End

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