Teachers Looking for jobs in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, China

Tony Parreno

Tony Parreno Spanish in Shenzhen, China Active within 4 days

Sarah Meyers

Sarah Meyers USA in Dongguan, China Active within 45 days

Emma Thurmond

Emma Thurmond USA in Guangzhou, China Active within 59 days


Navid Australian in Guangzhou, China Active within 65 days

John Jacobs

John Jacobs south african Active within 73 days

Daniel Priego

Daniel Priego USA in Dongguan, China Active within 74 days

Thabit Walls

Thabit Walls USA in Shenzhen, China

Stanley Chen

Stanley Chen america in Shenzhen 28,000 RMB to 35,000 RMB a month

Jordan Dunbar

Jordan Dunbar British in Guangzhou, China

Sam Jermy

Sam Jermy British in Shenzhen, China


SANDISO MZANA south african in Shenzhen, China

Keith Doble

Keith Doble South African

Joseph Johnston

Joseph Johnston USA in Guangzhou, China

Simon  De Souza

Simon De Souza British in Guangzhou, China

Mark Nolan

Mark Nolan Irish in Foshan, China

Kenneth Brice

Kenneth Brice British in Shenzhen, China

Grant Zivan

Grant Zivan USA in Vietnam

Rivash Sakichand

Rivash Sakichand South African in Shenzhen, China

Gareth Griffiths

Gareth Griffiths British in Shenzhen, China

William Howze

William Howze USA in Shenzhen, China

Andrew James Francis

Andrew James Francis Canadian in Guangzhou, China

Andrew Bentley

Andrew Bentley british in Zhuhai, China

Mark Ropson (Foshan jobs only)

Mark Ropson (Foshan jobs only) Canadian in Foshan, China

Jerry Thompson

Jerry Thompson USA in Guangzhou, China

Stacey M Johnson

Stacey M Johnson USA in Shenzhen, China

Gillian Kruger

Gillian Kruger South African in Cambodia

Henry Lam

Henry Lam british in Shenzhen, China

Tom Songer

Tom Songer USA in Guangzhou, China

Nathaniel Adam Brower

Nathaniel Adam Brower USA


KANUSHREE TODI British in Shenzhen, China

Kevin Garlinghouse

Kevin Garlinghouse USA in Shenzhen, China

Lunga Blose

Lunga Blose South African in Foshan, China

Jeff Walpole

Jeff Walpole Canadian in Canada

Sureka Salig

Sureka Salig South Africa in Guangzhou, China

Amal Dulab

Amal Dulab South African in Shenzhen, China

Pierre de Kock

Pierre de Kock British in Macau

Jordan Craig Mahoney

Jordan Craig Mahoney British in UK

Alex Ryan

Alex Ryan Australian in Foshan, China

Carl Tucker

Carl Tucker USA in Guangzhou, China

Jupply Masemula

Jupply Masemula South Africa in Guangzhou, China

Jonathan Jasinski

Jonathan Jasinski USA

Ian Campbell-Jones

Ian Campbell-Jones USA


Shannon South African in Guangzhou, China

David Richter

David Richter Australian in Zhuhai, China

Theolin Moodley

Theolin Moodley South African in Shenzhen, China


TAKATSO LEBENYA south african in Foshan, China


MARC Kenton DAMANT Canadian in Zhuhai, China

Michael Watson

Michael Watson British in

Alexander Kreynin

Alexander Kreynin USA in Guangzhou, China

Thomas Songer

Thomas Songer USA in Guangzhou, China

James Buckland

James Buckland British in Shenzhen, China

Cameron Salek

Cameron Salek Canadian in Guangzhou, China

Michael Schramm

Michael Schramm USA in Shenzhen, China

Richard Guilbeault

Richard Guilbeault Canadian in Shenzhen, China

Astley Nelson

Astley Nelson South Africa in Shenzhen, China

Ramon Scott

Ramon Scott British in Shenzhen, China

Zachary Rose (history teacher)

Zachary Rose (history teacher) USA in Guangzhou, China

Nicholas Watkins (Psychology teaching)

Nicholas Watkins (Psychology teaching) Australian in Shenzhen, China

Robert Ward

Robert Ward USA in Shenzhen

Elvis Bernardino Orellana

Elvis Bernardino Orellana American/El Salvador in Guangzhou

Shantel Blackstock (Adults or students 13yrs+)

Shantel Blackstock (Adults or students 13yrs+) USA in Guangzhou, China

Kerry Lemox

Kerry Lemox USA in Guangzhou, China

Kelly Gee

Kelly Gee Canadian in Zhuhai, China

David Alexander Bedrossian

David Alexander Bedrossian Canadian in Shenzhen, China

Narinder Singh Kallay

Narinder Singh Kallay British in Foshan, China

Sean McKenzie

Sean McKenzie USA in Guangzhou, China

Abdikadir Nur

Abdikadir Nur USA in Shenzhen, China

Michaella-May Thomas

Michaella-May Thomas British in Shenzhen

Adam Fern (Adults / College)

Adam Fern (Adults / College) New Zealand in Hangzhou, China

Sierra Cage

Sierra Cage USA

Stephan De Wet

Stephan De Wet south african in Zhejiang, China

Mark Gillard

Mark Gillard UK in Guangzhou, China

Andrew Leung

Andrew Leung Canadian / Hong Kong Residence in Shenzhen or Hong Kong 20K

Muhammad Waqas Danish

Muhammad Waqas Danish Pakistan in Lahore 10000-20000 RMB

Mark Free

Mark Free canada in Foshan 25USD / hour




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