Beijing, November 22 (Xinhua) - My Zenhua skillfully makes USB cables in a poverty relief factory at the residential complex of Weilan Zhuhai in the province of Yunnan Southwest China . She can do at least 2,000 yuan (US $ 305) of this business every month.

Mi I used to live in the remote town of Ziji in the city of Lushui de Yunnan, where geological disasters as landslides are frequent.

"I hated the rainy days because I was scared of mud slides," said Mi, 29. "The town was five to six hours. From the nearest city . The transport was inconvenient. "

last year, thanks to China's poverty relief efforts, his family moved to a beautiful house in the new Weilan Zhuhai. Residential compound, which houses more than 700 poor families from two municipalities in the city of Lushui. Your daughter also attends a kindergarten in the community.

Local authorities opened a poverty relief factory, allowing people as my finding jobs to increase their income. Now, all the poor residents of the community have shaken poverty.

"I'm so happy and content," Mi said.

MI is not alone. On November 14, the authorities announced that the province of Yunnan, who had the largest population of poor poor from the country at the end of last year, has eradicated absolute poverty.

A majority of the localities in China have discarded poverty, since the country plans to eradicate absolute poverty by the end of this year in an attempt to build a moderately society prosperous in all aspects.

On Saturday, the authorities of the Northwest China Gansu province of China announced that it had taken all of its 75 counties of poverty.

Road out of Poverty

China has taken a variety of poverty relief measures, including rural tourism, industries, relocation and the best medical care, to help people live better lives.

in Xijiang, an ethnic Miao town hidden in the province of Guizhou of Southwest China, the locals have been revolted in poverty by generations, cut from the world by surrounding mountains the area.

However, as local authorities encouraged rural tourism, Hou Yanjiang, who used to be a migrant worker, began a rural restaurant, which now generates more than 5 million of yuan in annual sales.

In the mountainous city of Chispui in the province of Guizhou, a red rocky surface known as the Danxia tender that covers more than two thirds of the city is highlighted. For local farmers, rocks used to be an obstacle to plant crops. Then came a government initiative that fostered the growing Nobile dendrobium, a valuable Chinese herbal medicine found on the rocks. Currently, Dendrobium Nobile covers more than 6,000 hectares in the city, helping some 16,000 poor residents that increase their salaries.

Relocation also turned out to be an important step of poverty. In the last five years, more than 9 million rural poor in China moved from inhospitable areas that generated generations of inhabitants in poverty.

In Northwest China Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Ma Guoquan used to live in a rural area with scarce water resources. In 2017, he moved to a house of 96 square meters by the Yellow River.

"With yellow river water, the irrigation became easy," said MA.

Best Medical care also contributed to the alleviation of poverty.

Some rural hospitals are associated with their Metropolitan counterparts to offer. Quality Medical Services for RU

Beijing  Metropol 

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