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The next five-year plan to encourage the study abroad to cultivate development talent

China will resume international cooperation in education after strict prevention and control measures of pandemic, said a higher education officer. on Tuesday.

Liu Jin, Director of the Department of Cooperation and International Exchange of the Ministry of Education, said that with the Covid-19 Pandemic Raging worldwide, the Ministry will carry out online educational cooperation.

In the 14th period of the five-year plan (2021-25), the country will make new progress in the advancement of international educational cooperation in regions, including Hainan Province, the Guangdong-Hong Kong - Macao Greater Bay, The Yangtze River Delta and Xiong 'A new area, Liu said at a press conference in Beijing.

He will also continue to encourage students to study abroad to cultivate internationally competitive talents that may contribute to the development of China, while improving the quality of education for international students who study in China, he said.

About 80 percent of Chinese students who study abroad returned home after obtaining their 2016 titles last year. Around 2.52 million Chinese students studied abroad during the period and more than 2 million returned to the country after graduation, he said. In comparison, the overall return rate from 1978 to 2008 was approximately 28 percent.

Cheng Jiacai, director of the Chinese Service Center of Bollarly Exchange Ministry, said the country has been consistent with support for students who go abroad to study. And encouraging them to return home after graduation.

More than 300,000 students who studied abroad have applied to the center to obtain their overseas titles accredited this year, 10 percent since last year, he said.

China has signed agreements on mutual recognition of academic credits and diplomas with 54 countries and regions, and there are 2,332 joint rylation programs led by domestic universities and their global partners, Liu said.

The country has also worked hard to improve the quality of education for international students during the 13th Quinquennial Plan (2016-20), which includes standardizing the registration criteria for international students, said she.

Almost 55 percent of international students Sture Die in China last year Bachelor's degree or higher titles, for 7 percentage points of 2016, Liu said.

Meanwhile, the Chinese language has been incorporated into the national educational systems of 70 countries, she said.

Chinese language domain tests, including Chinese competition test and juvenile Chinese test, have been taken around 40 million times in the last five years, Liu added.

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