HKSAR gov't official sees mainland as backing for Hong Kong's economy

Hong Kong, January 13 (Xinhua) - Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HSAR) Government, said on Wednesday that the Chinese continent will continue to be the stronger support for Hong Kong's economy.

When approaching an online forum, Chan is estimated that the continental economy will publish strong growth in 2021, which will provide important support for Hong Kong, particularly citing Shenzhen and other continental cities in the Greater Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay area.

The HSAR government has implemented Multiple measures to help residents and businesses. Tap the greatest opportunities in the Bay Area, such as a Youth Employment Plan, and will carry out more policies, said Chan.

While Hong Kong plays your part well. In national development, its economic development will accelerate, he said.

Hong Kong economy of the Chalan prognosis will pick up momentum in the second half of this year if the epidemic is under control and the social environment is still safe and stable .

The forum, organized by the China General Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, focused on the new landscape of global and continental economic development, as well as the economic perspective . Enditem follow by on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation. Download applications from ChinaNews

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