Photo taken on November 5, 2018 shows a full-size model of the Central Module of China Tianhe Space Station exhibited at the 12th China International AirShow and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province of South China . [Photo / Xinhua]

Three main components of China's space station program have passed technical and quality assessments and are ready for upcoming missions, according to China's Manners Space Agency.

Agency Experts, Chinese Science Academy and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp reviewed the design, construction and testing reports in Tianhe Tianhe Module, the Tianzhou 2 spacecraft and scientific capsule Main, the agency said on a statement on Thursday.

Fonts close to the agency said that the components will be transported to the Wencang Space Release Center in Hainan Island and will be launched in space in the coming months.

China will begin to gather your first space station this year, according to government plans. The main stages of the program include flight Long 5B 5B this spring, responsible for transporting the central capsule of the station to a low ground orbit; Two astronaut missions to prepare the capsule for other components; and two robotic charging flights to deliver supplies.

The Central Capsule, Tianhe or Harmony of Headens, will have three parts, a connection section, a section of vital support and control and a resource section.

It will be equipped with three coupling hatches for the manned spacecraft and load, and two docking locations to connect with spatial laboratories. There will also be a hatch to launch the extravesse activities of the astronauts.

Once it becomes fully operational about 2022, the multimodule China space station: Tiangong or the celestial palace, it will be composed of three main components; The Tianhe capsule and two spatial laboratories, with a combined weight of more than 90 metric tons.


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