Beijing, January 29 (Xinhua) - Recent comments made by Paul Harris, the new chair of the Hong Kong Association Association, show an amazing arrogance and ignorance and reveal intentions Vicious, a continental spokesman said on Friday.

The spokesperson for the Hong Kong Affairs Office and Macao of the State Council made the observations when commenting on Harris's statements, including its "Review" clamor. National Security Law in Hong Kong.

Instead of discussing the law, Harris shamelessly revealed his malicious political agenda to undermine the constitutional order in Hong Kong and convert his high degree of autonomy into "complete autonomy" He pointed out the spokesman.

Harris uses his identity as a British citizen to coll with foreign forces and interfere with Hong Kong matters, said the spokesman, and added that he added the fire of the protests of many ways.

The Association of Bars of Hong Kong, kidnapped by several rioters against China, has lost the appropriate code of conduct of a professional body in recent years, the spokesman said . The spokesman urged organizations and individuals to abandon the illusion of challenging the principle of "a country, two systems". EndItem


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