Hong Kong, February 9 (Xinhua) - China's Foreign Ministry Commissioner in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HSAR), Yang Yirui, said Tuesday That in the middle of the crisis, Hong Kong forged a new path and marked the beginning of a historical transition from the Governance Chaos and back to the correct track in 2020. Yang made the statement in his speech at a virtual spring reception held by the commissioner's office. He said China's internal affairs should not be interferred, China's sovereign safety should not be violated, and Hong Kong's prosperity and stability should not be destroyed.

When reviewing 2020, Yang said the office launched dialogues with foreign consulates in Hong Kong, commerce chambers and media to improve mutual trust and dissipate Concerns in an attempt to expand the cooperation of win-win and reinforce the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

The office fully supported Hong Kong in the expansion of exchanges and cooperation abroad, Yang said, citing efforts to help Hong Kong, establish economic offices and Commercial abroad and help Hong Kong companies by joining industrial parks. Throughout the routes of the belt and road initiative.

Yang said the office also helped Hong Kong to participate in the development of the Greater Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area.

In addition, the office worked with the HKSAR government to take home more than 2,000 Hong Kong residents stranded abroad due to the Covid-19 epidemic , Yang said.

Looking forward, Yang said that "a country, two systems" has become a new historical phase and Hong Kong will overcome the current dilemma and recover its glory with The support of the country and the joint efforts of Hong Kong compatriots. EndItem


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