Macao: A total of 595 people in the Special Administrative Region of Macao (SAR) were vaccinated with the first dose of Madeland's Covid-19 vaccines, on Tuesday, the first day of vaccination in the SAR, said the novel Coronavirus Macao Response and Coordination Center.

Starting at 9 pm Local time, 4,033 people had made reservations for vaccination, said the center.

Macao opened the reserve system for vaccination on Monday. Prioritized groups, including first-line workers in efforts and anti-epidemic groups that have a high risk in terms of occupational exposure, could begin making reservations online on Monday and start vaccination on Tuesday.

Other Macau identifiers can begin to make reservations from the midday Tuesday and start vaccination after February 22, the center said.

Currently, Macao has 13 medical facilities that offer vaccination to 5,000 people maximum daily, the center added.

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