From mobile phone manufacturers and social networking giants to famous international ad agencies and language centers, there are tons of companies that hire foreigners in China. Any kind of career you are looking for, the chances that you can find it and thrive in it in the middle kingdom. Here are seven companies that hire foreigners in China.

Source: Brooke Cagle 1. Huawei

No. of employees: 194,000 Location: Shenzhen founded: 1987 Employers for foreigners: Editors, Translators, Relationships Specialists Public, Specialists in Social Networks, Marketing Specialists, Electronic Commerce Specialists

First on the list and, possibly, the most famous is Huawei. . The giant of the mobile phone is for China what Apple is to the rest of the world. In the last decade, more or less, the company has also begun to exercise serious tickets in the international market. In 2012, Huawei represented only 3.3 percent of the global mobile phone market. In 2020, that figurative had increased 20 percent.

Founded in 1987 in Shenzhen by Ren Zhengfei, a former deputy director of the Corps of Engineering of the Folk Liberation Army, the company has certainly suffered some setbacks in recent years. Huawei is currently involved in a very public dispute with the US government. UU and has seen its 5G contracts discarded by the United Kingdom, among other countries. However, despite this, the company is still strongly holding its international market share and continues to see growth at both nationally and abroad.

Huawei employs almost 200,000 people, most of which report the main campus to the north. From the center of Shenzhen city. Much more than your average workplace, the Horn Campus of Ox is, for all purposes, a European themed model people with copies of one to one of the most famous buildings in Europe. It is nothing less than the Disneyland of the world of Chinese technology.

A large number of foreigners work on the campus in roles as diverse as writing, translation, public relations and sales writing. In spite of, and perhaps because Huawei's continuous entanglements with the tastes of the United States, it is only likely that the number of foreign personnel continue to grow in the coming years. 2. EF Education first

No. of employees: 52,000 Location: Nationwide Founded: 1965 Employers for Foreigners: English Teachers

Although there are innumerable English training centers that hire Foreigners in China, few are as recognized or considered as education, otherwise known. as EF Founded in Sweden and headquarters in Switzerland, EF has 52,000 employees distributed in 112 countries. But it is found in Asia, and China in particular, which can be found most of the company's English training centers.

For what abundant is EF in China that any teacher who has been here A time is sure to have found the company. EF jobs can involve long hours and may not always be the best paid, but provide a safe bet for new teachers to China who are looking for a company in which they can trust. In addition, class sizes in EF tend to be smaller than those of state schools and other training centers. Children's classes are usually composed of no more than 16 students, while adult classes are usually limited around 10. 3. tencent

no. Of employees: 62,000 Location: Shenzhen founded: 1998 Employers for foreigners: Copyweers, Translators, Specialists in Public Relations, Marketing Specialists

Tencent influence can be found everywhere in our daily life in China . From the way we pay our accounts to the games that we play on our phones, to the emails that we send at work to the messages we send to our friends, it really has no avoiding this giant of technology.

Through Wechat and QQ, Tencent already has a strict grip in the domestic market. However, it has a lot of time on the replication of that domain on the international scenario. As a result, apparently they are always hiring foreigners in China, whether they are editors and translators or specialists in PR and marketing.


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