A group of Legislators of Hong Kong said on Monday that they fully support and support the principle of "patriots that govern Hong Kong", as described by the head of the upper body of the central government that oversees Hong's affairs Kong

The 28 legislators made the observations at a press conference in Hong Kong, after Xia Baolong, a Vice President of the National Committee of China's Political Advisory Conference and the Head of the Office of Affairs of Hong Kong and Macau of the State Council, made a speech at a symposium in Beijing.

In the Symposium, Xia said that the principle of "patriots that governs Hong Kong", should always be confirmed to guarantee the constant and sustained implementation of "a country, two systems".

According to Xia, Martin Liao Cheung-Kong, a lawyer and the pro-establishment lawmakers in the Legislative Board, said legislators fully support an immediate improvement in Hong Kong's electoral system In accordance with the principle of "Patriots Van Vering Hong Kong".

This will be the only way in which Hong Kong gets rid of internal disturbances, to guarantee the constant and sustained implementation of "a country, two systems" and have more space for "the people of Hong Kong than Hong Kong governs with a high degree of autonomy, "he said.

LIAO said that the prolonged social discomfort in 2019 is a lesson learned for Hong Kong, when those who were not patriots were allowed to maintain positions in the legislature and other authorities and fight against the establishment.

According to a joint declaration of legislators, the antioport, which refused to recognize the fundamental regime of the country, has resisted the Continental Chinese and the general jurisdiction of the central government over Hong Kong from the return of The city to the homeland.

The rights provided by law have exploited and put the practices of "a country, two systems" and "Hong Kong people who govern Hong Kong" endangered unprecedented, according to the Declaration.


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