Guo Weimin, spokesman for the fourth session of the 13th National Committee of CPPCC, said on Wednesday that the main advisory body of the nation will endeavor to improve and support the "Patriots Riginando" principle of Hong Kong. "

In a press information session a day before the start of the session, Guo underlined "Patriots, which governs Hong Kong" is the essence of "a country, two systems" and the fundamental principle that must be followed to be implemented fully and faithfully the framework "a country, two systems".

both the promulgation of the National Safety Law for Hong Kong and the proposals to improve the Hong Kong electoral system will improve "a country, two systems "And it will guarantee a sustained and constant implementation of the framework, he said.

The CPPCC has attached great importance to the development of Hong Kong, which faces setbacks that not only the pandemic, but also the social discomfort. < / P>

but guo believed Hong Kong, if he is maintained in Solidarity, you will see a brilliant future with the support of the nation.

The nation has not only offered assistance to the city to combat the pandemic, but also lend a help hand to ensure social and economic stability, he added.

Guo said that Hong Kong's fate is interlaced with that of the nation. The rapid development of the nation in recent years has provided extensive opportunities for Hong Kong, including belt and road, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay area and free trade pilot areas, he said.

The central government also issued measures to help the status of reforming Hong Kong as an international financial center and facilitated the incursion of the Hong Kong companies in the mainland market.


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