The decision of the maximum of China's legislature on the improvement of the Hong Kong electoral system is purely an internal issue of China and no foreign country has the right to judge it, said Zhang Xiaoming, Deputy Director of the Hong Affairs Office Kong and Macau of the State Council, said on Friday.

Zhang said at a press conference a day after the 13th National Congress of the People adopted the decision during its fourth annual session that closed on Thursday. It was followed by the conviction of the state spokesman price of the US Department of State. UU, who said at a press release meeting on Thursday that moving is an assault on democratic institutions in Hong Kong.

In response to criticism, Zhang said American politicians have no right to point out the fingers in the electoral system of a special administrative region of China after all chaos in the presidential elections of the United States, Including the violent assault of the Capitol of the USA UU in January.

Zhang said that US. UU has a very strict legal provision to prevent foreign interference in elections, including the recent approval of a bill to amend election laws by the Chamber of Representatives of the United States Congress.

"Why the United States can make changes to election laws whenever you need, but at the same time it is so sensitive, neurotic and intrusive in changes to the laws of a special administrative region in China ? " He said.

During the riots in Hong Kong caused by the extradition bill in 2019, the crowd vandalized the city and assaulted the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and American politicians were glamming about chaos. However, when the protesters assaulted Capitol Hill, they characterized him quickly as domestic terrorism, Zhang said, adding that this showed that flagrant standards of the US side is demonstrated.

He pointed out that in the 46th United Nations meeting. The Human Rights Council, which began on February 22, 70 countries, signed a statement by urging interested parties to stop interfering in Hong Kong and China's affairs.

"completely demonstrates the unpopularity of hegemonic practices," he said.

Zhang said he and his office colleagues were put on the so-called sanctions list by the United States government last year.

"Our countermeasures to such sanctions will certainly teach them a lesson," he added.

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