The best electoral system of Hong Kong will not rule out the possibility that patriotic oppositions go into the administrative structure, Xiaoming Executive, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Affairs Office and Macau of the State Council.

During a press conference in Beijing, Zhang stressed that the improvements aim to analyze the disruptors against China outside the governance team of the Special Administrative Region. However, the patriots in the field of SAR opposition could still represent the elections and be chosen in accordance with the law.

He added that after the improvements, the Legislative Council will be more important. There would still be voices of difference in the legislature, including criticism against the government. However, there would be no room for inadequate behaviors during the oath-taking process, actions of rampant filibusery said, which even involved physical conflicts, Zhang said.


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Image of Preferential tax policies announced in Hengqin
Preferential tax policies announced in Hengqin

China will implement a preferential fiscal policy to build an in-depth cooperation zone by Guangdong-Macao in Hengqin, an island in Zhuhai of the Zhu

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