Beijing, March 14 (Xinhua) - China strongly opposes foreign interference in their internal affairs, said Chinese spokesman on Sunday in response to the group of seven (G7) About China decision to improve the electoral system of Hong Kong.

China's internal affairs are purely so that the Pueblo National Congress (NPC) modifies and improves Hong Kong's electoral system, a decision that allows no comments Irresponsible from any foreign country, said the spokesman for the Hong Kong Affairs Office and Macau of the State Council.

The G7 Distorted Declaration Facts and its unintended comments have violated the international law and the basic rules of international relations, and they interfered in a blatant manner in internal affairs From China, said the spokesman.

The decision of the NPC manifests the shared aspiration of all the Chinese, including the compatriots of Hong Kong, and I are expected to serve as a fundamental solution to peace and long-term stability in Hong Kong, the spokesman said.

illegal activities that were once rampant in Hong Kong to look for the so-called "Hong Kong Independence", organizing riots and instigating suicide violence, were directly related With open or undercover supports of some Western countries, said the spokesman, which added that it is an open secret that some Western countries have a hidden political agenda behind their interference in Hong Kong's affairs under the "Freedom" disguise and "democracy".

China is unwaveringly determined to oppose foreign forces. Hong Kong Affairs and interfered in China's internal affairs, the spokesman added. "Any hegemonist behavior is condemned to fail." EndItem

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