Hong Kong, March 17 (Xinhua) - The central authorities held more than 60 symposiums, visited and organize interviews in Hong Kong from Monday to Wednesday to request the opinion of a broad Range of sectors on the implementation of the Decision of the National Popular Congress (NPC) on the improvement of the electoral system of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HKSAR).

Zhang Xiaoming, Deputy Director of the Hong Kong Affairs Office and Macao of the State Council, Luo Huming, Director of the Liaison Office of the Popular Government in the Hgar, and Zhang Yong, Deputy Chief of the Legislative Affairs Committee of the PND Standing Committee attended the meetings and participated in the activities.

Due to the control requirements of the epidemic, the collection of opinion was organized at Multiple small-scale sessions. More than 1,000 representatives of the political, commercial, financial, professional and labor sectors, as well as the HKSAR Government and social organizations, activelyfered their suggestions.

The participants agreed that it is imperative and urgent to improve the electoral system of the HSU and eliminate deficiencies and risks related at the state level for the integral implementation of the "patriots They administer the principle of Hong Kong ", for the political stability and security of Hong Kong, for the stability and sustained implementation of" a country, two systems "and for the long-term stability of Hong Kong.

The participants said the establishment of an electoral system that reflects the real one. The situation in Hong Kong has a broad representation and guarantees a balanced political participation through the reform and greater empowerment of the Electoral Committee, which will help safeguard the constitutional order. and the general and fundamental interests of HKSAR, improve the efficiency of the administration and maintain the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

The representatives of several sectors in Hong Kong also gave specific suggestions on the improvement of the electoral system and requested efforts to accelerate the legislative process for the new electoral system for the Selection of the Executive Director and the training of the Legislative Council leave at an early date.

When listening to the advice, the officers of the central authorities said the central authorities remain unwavering in the determination of implementing the policies in a comprehensive manner and precisely From "a country, two systems", "Hong Kong people who administer Hong Kong", and a high degree of autonomy.

It is the common responsibility of the relevant departments of the central authorities, the Government and the HKSAR Legislature, and several sectors in Hong Kong to implement the decision of the PND that has the highest authority, officials said.

Improvement of the HKSAR Electoral System provides an institutional guarantee for "Patriots who administer Hong Kong" and also requires a stronger capacity and competence of the HUNAR Administration, The officials said.

The departments of the central authorities will report in an integrally and objective manner, the suggestions of Hong Kong to the Standing Committee of the NPC, officials said. EndItem


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