Beijing, March 30 (Xinhua): China's maximum legislature on Tuesday adopted a packet of legislative changes to improve the Hong Kong Electoral system.

Annex I and Annex II Modified to the Basic Law of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HKSAR) were approved in a session of the Permanent Committee of the Popular Congress National (NPC) with a unanimous vote of the 167 members of the Committee in attendance.

The two annexes respectively respect the method for the selection of the Executive Director of HKSAR and the method for the formation of the Legislative Council of H tar (Legco) and its voting procedures .

President Xi Jinping has signed the presidential orders to promulgate the modified annexes, which will take effect on Wednesday.

"A democratic Electoral system that adapts to the legal status of Hong Kong and reality has taken shape as a result of the amendments," said Li Zhanshu, president of the Standing Committee of the NPC when preside over the session closing meeting.

Li said that the two modified annexes completely demonstrate the resolution. and the common will of the Chinese, including the compatriots of Hong Kong, to safeguard the interests of sovereignty, security and national development, as well as the constitutional order of the Hgar.

Head of HKSAR The Executive Carrie Lam said on Tuesday in a statement that by improving the Electoral system and implementing "Patriots who administer Hong Kong", excessive politicization in the Society and internal rupture that has destroyed Hong Kong, can be mitigated effectively, which thus improves the HKSAR Government Capacity.

"I and the HKSAR Government will not avoid efforts to carry out the necessary amendments to local Electoral legislation in accordance with Annex I Modified and Annex II", Lam said.

Empowerment of the Electoral Committee

The general design of the system focused on the reform and greater empowerment of the Electoral committee of the HUN. The committee membership has been expanded from 1,200 to 1,500. The number of sectors has increased four to five. The number of subsectors has also increased from 38 to 40, and some subsectors have been adjusted and improved depending on the actual situation.

Apart from its original function of nominating and choosing the Executive Director, the Committee will have two more key functions: the choice of a relatively large proportion of Leggo members and It will participate in the nominations of all Leggo candidates.

"With the expansion, the greater number of sectors, adjusted subsectors and renewed functions, the Electoral Committee will have a broader basis and will be more representative of society, which He led to a more balanced participation of people from all areas of life, "said Zhang Yong, Deputy Head. of the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Standing Committee of the NPC.

More broad representation

The amendments also expand Legco Membership from 70 to 90. Among the members, 40 SH All are returned by the Electoral Committee, 30 through functional groups and 20 by geographical groups through direct elections.

"The consideration behind this institutional design is that Legco members returned the Electoral Committee would represent the general interests of Hong Kong society, those who return the constituents Functional would represent the interests of several sectors, and those that return geographical constituents through direct elections would represent the interests of their voters, "said Deng

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