Beijing, April 1 (Xinhua) - The recent change of China's maximum legislature to improve the electoral system of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HSAR) has political bases and Solid Legal and broad public support, say experts.

Annex I and Annex II modified to the Basic Law of HKSAR were approved on Tuesday at a session of the Standing Committee of the National Congress Congress (NPC). The two annexes refer respectively, the method for the selection of the Executive Director of H tar and the method for the formation of the Legislative Council of H tar (Legco) and its voting procedures.

María Tam Wai-Chu, Deputy Director of the HKSAR Basic Law Committee under the NPC Standing Committee, called El Paso permanent by the PNJ Standing Committee "Very Timely and necessary ".

It is a movement to guarantee the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and the continued success of "a country, two systems," Tam said.

Last years have seen some Legco members of the opposition use "filibusery" to obstruct the administration of the Government of SAR, some have placed with external forces to carry out activities For "Independence of Hong Kong", and some have even asked foreign countries to sanction China and HKSAR, she remembered.

In the same time, the amendment, which was performed by the Standing Committee of the NPC with the authorization of the NPC, the highest power organ, has Solid political and Legal bases, he said.

Tian Feilong, a professor associated with the Law School of the University of Beihang, said the movement of the NPC Standing Committee to improve the Hong Kong electoral system is Constitutional as the electoral system, as part of the political system, is a matter within the scope of the country's central authorities.

He Junzhi, Head of the Chinese Studies Association of Hong Kong and Macao, said that Annex I amended and Annex II of the Basic Law present more. Specific provisions on the Hong Kong electoral system that its original versions, serving as the HKSAR modify the relevant local laws accordingly.

The amendment has received extensive public support. A public request launched in support from IT received 2.38 million signatures in Hong Kong in just 11 days.

According to a survey conducted by the Bauhinia Institute of Think-Tank Bauhinia, approximately 70 percent of Hong Kong residents interviewed believe that improving the electoral system will improve The confidence of local people in the future of Hong Kong.

All this, the experts say. That the legislation is in line with the aspirations of the people and the trend of time, and reflects the hope of order in the society of Hong Kong, undermined by violence in recent years. EndItem

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