Hong Kong, May 10 (Xinhua) - Executive Director of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HSAR) Carrie Lam on Monday encouraged the young people of Hong Kong to take advantage of the Opportunities and better integrate the general development of the country.

Lam made the observations in the seventh anniversary of the Youth Association of Hong Kong CPPCC (Political Conference of the Chinese People) and the opening ceremony of its 4th Executive committee.

According to the scheme of the 14th National Plan of five years, the country supports the development of Hong Kong in many important areas, which fully reflects the country's signature. Support to Hong Kong and his concern for the development of young people in Hong Kong, said Lam.

In the last two years, the HSAR government has launched a chain of a chain of projects related to the development of young people to help them. Take advantage of the development opportunity of Guangdong-Hong-Macao Greater Bay Area and integrated actively into the general development of the country, she said.

LAM said that with the implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China for safeguarding national security in HKSAR and the improvement of the electoral system of the Hsar, " A country, two systems "is back on the track and the Hong Kong society is expected to return to safety and stability. , so that people can refocate on development.

She said that the central authorities have attached great importance to the opinions of young people, and especially under the best electoral system of the HKSAR, the voices of young people will be Represented better on the Electoral Committee.

Lam said that she waits eager to work with the Young Association of Hong Kong CPPCC to create a broader development space for young people and help integrate better A Hong Kong in general development of the country. Enditem


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