China's Guangdong braces for Typhoon Cempaka

Guangzhou, July 19 (Xinhua) - Typhoon Cempaka, the seventh year of this year, it is forecast that it will reach land on the coast of Guangdong province of South China, according to the provincial climate. Authorities.

Cempaka, Strengthening on a typhoon on Monday morning, it will slowly close to the coastal region between the estuary of the Pearl River and West Guangdong, with its intensity gradually increasing , and landing between the cities of Zhuhai and Maoming between Tuesday afternoon and night.

Cempaka is expected to be the first typhoon to reach ground in China this year, according to the Guangdong Meteorological Observatory.

From Monday to Thursday, Cempaka will bring rain storms and Garabs east and West Guangdong and Pearl River Delta, with daily rainfall of up to 250 mm, increase the risk of Disasters such as Waterlogging, Mountain Torrent S, landslides and landslides.

Guangdong has called fishing vessels and asked agricultural workers who are evacuated on land, with the provincial department of emergency administration and provincial flooding. Control venue that issues an emergency response of level IV.

Meanwhile, the meteorological authorities said that the in-FA typhoon, the sixth this year, approaches the east coastal areas of China. Province of Zhejiang and Fujian province, who neighbors Guangdong, which indicates the probability of a binary typhoon. EndItem

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