The Special Economic Zone of Zhuhai in Guangdong Province of South China has begun to track the activities of three residents of Macao in the city after two of them had positive results of nucleic acid tests, according to a published statement For the Anti-Covid-19 of the city. He headquartered on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the relevant departments expanded the evaluation in the target people at the city airport, the exit ports and income and other key places.

A macao couple was detected. Positive when they had routine nucleic acid tests as they reached the city, which limits Macao, on Tuesday.

it was found that his daughter had arrived at Zhuhai Airport from Macao and took a flight to Xi'an in the province of Shaanxi of Northwest China on July 19, and returned to the Zhuhai airport on 24 July before it took a bus back to Macao.

It was found that the couple found himself in and left Zhuhai the same day through Gongbei Checkpoint on July 25 and Friday, Sunday and Monday, respect. VELY

Meanwhile, the statement urged those who had contact with the three residents of Macao to inform the relevant departments and have their proven nucleic acid to prevent the coronavirus from spreading in Zhuhai.

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