Tourists visit the ruins of San Pablo in Macao, on May 3, 2021. [Photo / Xinhua]

Macao: The Special Administrative Region of Macao (SAR) maintained a stable and solid safety situation in the first half of 2021, showed a report issued on Thursday by the SAR government security division.

The police investigated a total of 5,915 criminal cases in the first half of this year, which increases 26.1 percent from the same period of 2020, but obviously obviously under the number in it 2019 period before the Epidemic Covid-19, showed the report.

Meanwhile, the number of violent crimes did not increase and the number of cases of serious violence continued to remain low, which indicates that the SAR security situation in the first half of the year was stable and solid.

The SAR Government Safety Authority attributed the increase in the number of general crimes of the year to growth. Number of visitors, an increase in outdoor activities for local residents and the police improved efforts in crime repressions.

The authority undertook to further develop smart surveillance in Macao and intensify the exchange of information and cooperation with the police in neighboring areas.

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