Macao, September 13 (Xinhua) - The Liaison Office of the Central Government in the Special Administrative Region of Macao (SAR) on Monday, with congratulations extended by the Soft Legislative Election and the new Legislative Assembly that will be formed in Macao Sar.

The seventh election of the Legislative Assembly at Macao Sar has fully implemented the fundamental principle of the "Patriots who administer Macao," said a spokesman with the Liaison Office .

Candidates have shown their duties to love the homeland and love Macao, and actively prepared and participated in the election, said the spokesman. .

All sectors of the Macao Society and Macao residents appreciate their democratic rights and actively emit their ballots, according to the spokesman.

The election was performed in a clean and harmonious way the orderly path, said the spokesman, adding that the seventh election of the Legislative Assembly has shown the spirit of governance Based on the law in Macao Sar.

The Government of Sar de Macao has organized the election in accordance with the laws, the Electoral Affairs Committee and the Final Court of Appeal have carried out their duties under The laws, and all sectors of Macao Society and Macao residents have fervently exercised their democratic rights as prescribed in the Basic Law of Sar Macao, the spokesman, he said.

The whole choice process has vividly shown the complete and faithful implementation of the "a country, two systems" policy, under which the people of Macau governs Macao , with a high degree of autonomy in the region, the spokesman added.

Sediendo that the in-depth cooperation area of ​​Guangdong-Macao in Hengqin would offer a large space for Macao SAR to be better integrated into the China Mainela The development of ND, the Spokesman said the practice of "a country, two systems" in Macao covers the main development opportunities.

The Liaison Office was entrusted to the new Legislative Assembly, the spokesman said, he added that the legislative agency would fully and faithfully implement the politics of "a country, Two systems, "would exercise its power as prescribed in the Basic Law of Macao Sar, and take advantage of the consensus of all sectors of society.

The office believed that the new legislative assembly would also actively respond to the requirements of Macao residents, give a full game to the role of democracy, support and supervise the Government of SAR Macao to exercise governance based on the law and make new progress in the promotion of prosperity and stability in Macao Sar, the spokesman added. EndItem


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