Interview: Positioning Hong Kong's future direction in overall national development, says HKSAR gov't official

Hong Kong, September 16 (Xinhua) - Hong Kong must take the initiative to integrate into the country's overall development and graphics a new course of development when consolidating and strengthening its existing advantages , an official from the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (Hsar) government said.

"When talking about the direction of the future development of Hong Kong, we should put in the context of the general development of the country," Edward Yau, Secretary of Commerce and Development Economic of the Government of Hsar, told reporters in an interview.

"The 14th five-year plan is a" landmark "in the development of China," said Yau, emphasizing China's development has become a new page, And new requirements have also been presented for the development of Hong Kong.

The 14th five-year socioeconomic development plan NT calls to accelerate the establishment of a new development pattern with "dual circulation", which leads to the internal market As the pillar while allowing national and foreign markets to interact positively with each other, he said.

Hong Kong is a city in China, and because the unique state conferred by the "country, two systems", can play a more important role in helping the The broader continental world in the world, Yau pointed out.

During the last four decades, the policy of reform and opening has greatly improved the economic strength of China, and Hong Kong has contributed and benefited from this process, He said, adding that China will open its door, even wider to the outside world and Hong Kong will play an increasingly important role in it.

In the eyes of Yau, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is an important stage where Hong Kong can show your strengths T or help continental companies GO Global. "When our country presents the BRI, Hong Kong was already well positioned to play its role as an important node of the initiative," he said.

The Sixth Belt and the Summit of the Highway, jointly organized by the HKSAR Government and the Hong Kong Commercial Development Council under the subject of the "Growth of the Driving through the promotion of regional and international trade ", has attracted more than 6,000 government officials, entrepreneurs and business leaders from more than 80 countries and regions at the beginning of September.

Notice that the Basic Principles of the BRI are based on five dimensions of cooperation: Politics, Infrastructure, Commerce, Capital and People's A- Bonds, Yau said that, As Hong Kong has its advantages both in politics and talents, it can do much in this regard, such as providing financial financing and services for large-scale infrastructure multinational projects.

"While actively promotes entering the signature of free trade agreements with other economies, the trade and the government's economic development office of the Government will continue to assign resources to help help The small and medium-sized enterprises of Hong Kong transform and improve, "he added.

The 14th five-year plan is intensified by Hong Kong support to become a Regional Intellectual Property Trade Center, Yau said.

In June, Hong Kong approved its first standard patent according to the original grant patent system aimed at promoting the original patents, which is a new starting point for the Intellectual property registration.

Yau believes that innovation companies in the Guangdong-Hong-Macao Greater Bay area, especially in Shenzhen, attach great importance to science and technology and Patents, and hope to have legal protection.


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