Feature: Athletes set examples for young people in Macao

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Xi'an, September 26 (Xinhua) - When two swimmers represent Macao La Special Administrative Region Exercised all the energy in the freestyle preliminary contest of 50 million women swimming at the 14th National Games of China on Saturday, Pun Weng Kun, head of Macau's sports delegation, nodded from time to time.

Three Athletes de Macao participated in the swimming preliminary on Saturday. Although they failed to reach the semifinals, the word game was still satisfied with its performance.

"Most Macao athletes are not professionals and know that their competitors are very strong, but they do not lose my heart. Rather, they only go," He said the word game ".

Noticed that athletes have been training hard and do the best. Efforts in each competition in national games." They have put a good Example for young people in Macao, "he added.

A total of 102 athletes representing Macao participated in the 14th National Games of China. Karate Athlete Kuok Kin Hang gave away To Macao his first national game medal, while some Macao records were crushed. Thanks to his wonderful performance, national games and sports have taken the region by Storm.

" Both our athletes in Xi'an and Macao residents were very excited about our first medal "He said the game of words, who believes that he will encourage more Macao residents to participate in mass sports and take exercise more regularly to improve their physical fitness.

"The atmosphere of the games will allow all Macao residents to love our homeland and the SAR most of all heart".

In recent days, the word game has seen the performance of most Macau athletes in different gyms, and was deeply impressed by enthusiasm here.

"It's really a great stage," he said, adding that compared to overseas events, national games allow "athletes compete at home with their families and They share the same feeling. " During the event, athletes and coaches have exchanged views with other equipment and benefited a lot.

In the eyes of the Macao Sports Delegation, the 15th National Games of China organized by Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in 2025 will make sports more popular among Macao residents. Meanwhile, it will show the development of Macao and will attract more people to visit Macao, which can feed its economic and tourist growth.

"We welcome athletes throughout the country to compete in Macao four years later and witness our rapid development under the support of the central government from the return From Macao to the homeland, "said the word game. Enditem follow by China.org.cn on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation. Download applications from ChinaNews

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