A documentary film that takes a look at the food culture of the Special Administrative Region of Macao, will be transmitted in CCTV-9 on December 20.

The film - Crunch and Munch in Macao - uses advanced technology 4K and aims to capture a wide audience, Shen Haixiong, China Media Group president, said on Wednesday at a press conference. It will be issued simultaneously on the video platform and the CMG website, as well as by China's global television network, an international media organization based in Beijing.

Also on Wednesday, CMG authorized Macao Remoteifusa to transmit the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games and Paralympic Winter in the CCTV-16, the CMG Olympic Games Canal, as well as University Games International Sports of the International University of Chengdu 2021.

Shen, together with Ho Lat Seng, Executive Director of Macao, were among the officials at the Guangzhou ceremony, who witnessed the signing of authorization. Ho expressed gratitude for the long-term support of CMG for the region.

"The authorization of the transmission rights guarantees that local hearings in Macao can join their counterparts on the Chinese continent" Seeing the games, Shen said, considering that the media group will continue using 8K technology in the covering of games.

Canter sport of CMG, CCTV-5, expanded to Macao in December 2019, transmitting a wide range of sports programs for local hearings, including Tokyo Olympic Games and 14 national games.

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