Hong Kong, January 16 (Xinhua) - The year 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the homeland, and the development of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong ( HSAR) Under the beginning of "Patriots administering Hong Kong" will accelerate even more.

Looking forward, stability, security, governance, celebrations, integration and prevention will be six keywords for Hong Kong this year.


Stability It is a prerequisite for long-term development and prosperity in Hong Kong. During the year 2021, the implementation of the National Security Law in Hong Kong, was deepened, the Electoral System of the City, and the elections of the Electoral Committee and the Seventh-Dead Legislative Council (Legco) were carried out successfully .

The oath-taking ceremony for 90 members of the seventh term Leggo de la Har was held at the beginning of January 2022, days before its opening session.

With the legislators chosen under the principle of "Patriots who administer Hong Kong", the legco will surely reverse the chaotic situation in the past and will perform its due role in practice From "a country, two systems" and a solid governance in Hong Kong.


for Hong Kong residents who have suffered the concerns of 2019, security is the best blessing.

During the discomfort, Commm The unit's facilities were damaged, shopping centers and stores vandalized and, sometimes, they were burned, and innocent people were Beatted and mutilated.

The National Security Law in Hong Kong has safeguarded national security, restored order and the rule of law in Hong Kong, and provided a legal guarantee for lasting stability of Hong Kong.

"The National Security Law in Hong Kong is a law that benefits the country, HKSAR and the people," said Kwong Ka Yin, president of the Association Law of Asia Pacific, adding that the effectiveness of the National Security Law will continue to protect the city.


The Great task of developing the economy and improving the livelihood of people requires brave and responsible managers in HUNAR, who must face the profound problems in society, re resolves topics such as housing, employment and medical care, and constantly improve HKSAR's government capacity.

The new electoral system in HKSAR, which shows public opinion shows a broad representation, political inclusion, balanced participation and fair competition, establishes a solid basis To achieve solid governance.

according to a recent survey published by the Think Tank of Hong Kong. The Bauhinia Institute, about 70 percent of respondents think that the new Leggo can better represent the general interest of Hong Kong society, and more than 70 percent said they have confidence in new Legco members who perform their functions Well and promoting good governance.


1 July, 2022 is the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the homeland. The HSAR government is preparing a variety of activities of celebration under the subject of "a new era - stability, prosperity, opportunity".

Among the celebrations will be a series of large-scale exhibitions, including the opening show of the Hong Kong Palace Museum with Chinese cultural relics for

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