A member of staff customer service online deals with Ctrip trip cancellations during the Spring Festival. [Photo provided to China Daily]

requirements Fifty-five commercial insurance companies in Guangdong Province have loosened on compensation to customers to better serve patients during the epidemic novel coronavirus.

The requirements include the selection of hospitals for medical treatment, medical insurance social spending during treatment, drugs used, but which are not covered by insurance and procedures to extend the time medical hospital social, said Ren Qinghua, deputy director of the Guangdong Bureau of Banking Regulatory Commission and China insurance at a press conference in Guangzhou on Friday.

Some insurance business in cities like Zhuhai and Foshan in Guangdong have expanded coverage of its products through collaboration with local institutions of social security health.

commercial insurance companies in Guangdong Province have so far paid 710,800 yuan ($ 101.799) to 14 patients infected with the new coronavirus.

online processing of cases has been adopted groups during the epidemic. In one case, a patient in Foshan compensation received half hour after documents related load line, Ren said.

commercial insurance companies in Guangdong have donated insurance products to police officers, medical personnel, volunteers and some members of the family to support their contribution to the control of epidemics.

Thirty-three of them have so far provided free products to 2.3 million people, with a total coverage of 1.2 trillion yuan ($ 171.9 billion), Ren said.

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