Macao, January 31 (Xinhua) - Executive Director of the Special Administrative Region of China Macao (SAR) Ho Iat Seng on Monday said that people in Macau must devote an effort Unified and diligent to make use of new opportunities that arise from the general development of the country, and further promote the unique strengths of Macao in the Year of the Tiger.

In the message of it for the Chinese New Year, which falls on February 1st. This year, Ho said that the Government of Sar de Macao will dedicate an implacable effort to the prevention and control of the epidemic in the next year, and to tasks related to the restoration of normal socioeconomic order.

The Government of SAR will not avoid efforts to accelerate adequate economic diversification, improve the well-being in society, even more integrating into national development in general, promoting implementation Successful of the principle of "a country, two systems" with Macau characteristics, and advancing the development of the in-depth cooperation area of ​​Guangdong-Macao in Hengqin, Zhuhai City, which is through Macao on the continent, Ho added.

Fu Ziying, Director of the Liaison Office of the Popular Government in Macao Sar, on Monday, he expressed his confidence that Macao can surely write a new chapter of success From the practice of "a country, two systems" with the characteristics of Macao in the next year. of the tiger.

FU drew the conclusion in his message for the Chinese New Year on condition that Macao further consolidates the Foundation for Development, continues to promote adequate economic diversification, makes Use of its unique advantages to integrate into general national development, and continues to take love for the country and Macao.

In the last year, with the care of the central government and the support of the mainland, Macau has with was the repeated tests of the Covid-19 pandemic, and He achieved social stability and harmony, as well as gradual economic recovery, Fu said, observing that the achievements were harshly demonstrated the advantages and vitality of "a country, two systems".

Liu Xianfa, Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in Macao Sar, said that the Epidemic Covid-19 has become effective, that the economy of SAR is gradually recovering and the legal system and compliance mechanisms to safeguard national security in Macao have improved last year thanks to the support of the central government and the continent, as well as the hard work of all areas of Macao Society Led. by the Government of SAR.

The commissioner's office will continue to support the Executive Director and the Government of SAR to govern in accordance with the Law and expand exchanges and cooperation with the countries of the world , for the Portuguese-speaking countries, and strongly oppose the interference of the external forces in Macau's affairs, Liu said. EndItem


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