Beijing - The postponement of the election for the Executive Director of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HKSAR) was necessary, sensible and legitimate, the Office of Hong Kong Affairs and Macao of the State Council said on Friday.

The Executive Director of HKSAR Carrie Lam, before, on Friday announced that the election, originally scheduled for March 27, would be postponed on May 8 due to the Epidemic Covid-19.

The HKSAR Government's decision to postpone the election in accordance with the Law shows its sense of responsibility for the health of Hong Kong residents and their determination to control the epidemic by any means necessary and what Faster as possible, and the central government fully supports the decision, the office said in a statement. .


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'We'll be back to the golden age'

The deep ties of Hong Kong with the Chinese continent, a friendly business environment and an efficient system of government will revitalize the loca

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