Beijing, March 4 (Xinhua) - Members of the 13th National Popular Congress (NPC), China's national legislature, on Friday he elected the presidium and established the agenda for the fifth session of the 13th NPC.

Li Zhanshu, president of the NPC Standing Committee, presided over a preparatory meeting for the session.

All the preparations for the annual session are completed, Li said.

A 175-member prison was chosen, with Wang Chen as Secretary General of the NPC session.

The preparatory meeting also adopted the agenda of the session:

- Deliberate the report on work of the government;

- Review the implementation report 2021 and in the Draft 2022 plan for national economic and social development, and the NAT plan project. Economic and social development in 2022; - Review the execution report of the central and local budgets for 2021 and on the draft central and local budgets for 2022, and the draft of the central budgets and Premises for 2022;

- deliberate the draft amendment to the Organic Law of the local popular congresses and the governments of the local persons;

- Deliberate the draft decision draft decision of the 13th NPC on the number of deputies at 14º NPC and its choice; - Delibere the draft of the draft method of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (SAR) to elect the deputies at 14º NPC;

- Deliberate the Macao SAR method project to choose deputies at 14º NPC; - Deliberate the work report of the NPC Standing Committee;

- deliberate the work report of the Supreme People's Court;

- Deliberate the work report of the Procurorando de Popular Supreme.

The presidio of the session gathered shortly after the conclusion of the preparatory meeting. Those attending the presidium meeting were decided on the calendar of the NPC session, among other matters. The NPC will be in session from 5 to 11 March this year.

Prior to the Preparatory Meeting, the Council of Presidents of the Standing Committee of the NPC met for the preparation of the meeting. . EndItem


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