Hong Kong, June 16 (Xinhua) -In the hong kong of China, there probably is nobody who knows better about the bridges than Lau Ching-Kwong.

Starting as an assistant engineer in the 1960s, Lau has been in the bridge construction business for more than half a century and has supervised the construction of many bridges world class in Hong Kong. He has also won the highest prize for bridge engineers in China.

Famous as the "Bridge Weapon" in Hong Kong, Lau calls the rich region on the island a Museum of Modern Bridges.

An ideal first stop to appreciate the rich variety of Hong Kong bridges would be Tsing Yi, northwest of Hong Kong Island, and one of the most populatedly populated islet on earth.

For Lau, Tsing Yi is special to be connected with so many state -of -the -art bridges: it has a Yi Tsing Yi Yi bridge Tsing Tsing Tsuen in the east, the bridge of Tsing Ma in the West, the Ting Kau bridge in the north, and the Stonecutters bridge in the southeast.

It is also a memory- jogging place for Lau as, among other personal reasons, he served as a chief engineer during the construction of the Mass Bridge of Tsing Ma in the decade of 1990. that carries rail traffic.

"Before tsing ma bridge, building such a long double purpose bridge in a prone area to Typhoon has never been done in the world," Lau said.

The biggest challenge to build a bridge through Hong Kong is how to resist the wind. With a great section, the bridge has to be long enough. And to guarantee the passage of large load ships, the bridge must be high enough.

Lau and the team visited countries with a developed bridge industry, seeking inspiration for design. "We verify all their bridges that are more than 500 meters long," he said.

After many experiments, they adopted the innovative design of the use of 5 meters wide holes to improve the stability of the bridge against the wind.

To guarantee the lasting operation of the bridge, Lau, which was working on its doctoral course at the University of Tsinghua while building El Bridge, participated in the development of a bridge health monitoring system. His doctoral thesis also focused on this subject.

"The 'physical indicators' of Tsing Ma Bridge are so far quite good," Lau said with pride.

The Stonecutters bridge is adjacent to the Hong Kong container terminal and is of great importance for the port logistics industry.

The main bridge is 1,018 meters long and was the second longest cable bridge in the world when it was completed at the end of 2009. at 73.5 meters above the level of the level of the Mar, the bridge is also one of the highest bridges in the world, which allows the passage without obstacles to large load ships.

After its completion, the Stonecutters bridge has become one of the new reference points of Hong Kong, and its majestic appearance has attracted the public to visit and See the bridge, making it a popular photo place.

The bridges have witnessed the development of Hong Kong to S an international shipping and trade center, as well as its new advantages under national development strategies.

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge is the longest bridge in the world-Tunnel combined the cross passage, a historical project in the Guangdong-Hong-Hong Bay area Kong-Macao. Lau participated in the Zhu construction consulting work


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