A view of the Cooperation Zone of the Modern Services Industry Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong. The Northern Metropolis project danced with the melody of the Cross-Border Development project launched by the sister city of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, a year ago. The project, the economic belt of the control points of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong limit (the belt), initiated by the municipal government of Shenzhen, aims to update cross-border services in the seven control points to Hong Kong, including, Among others, Luohu (Wu in Hong Kong), the first and main shopping center that accumulated the economic startup in the early days of Shenzhen.

When enumerating the project at the top of the Agendas of the Guangdong Provincial Development Strategies for the Bay Area Gran 14º Quinquenal Plan (2021-25), Shenzhen is watching a brighter future in Open more to the world. The city is determined to transform the seven control points, and its neighborhood areas (the belt), in promising shopping centers that are expected to intensify cooperation between Hong Kong and the Chinese continent.

The potential of the interspersed belt between two sister cities is obviously huge. Such power and skill, which was triggered to all its strength, would turn the belt into a cooperation platform between the three cities of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macao, which makes it a sample of new success in Chinese economic reform. With economic vitality and great resources, the Economic Vitality of Hong Kong is also expected to galvanice as the Qianhai region has made Shenzhen. In addition, it is very possible that the belt is listed on the state agenda of economic development.

above all, the precursors in the belt will submerge the fingers of the feet in the water to a complete economic integration between the cities in the Guangdong-Hong-Hong-Macao Greater Bay area aligning the rules and Regulations of the three cities, which will eventually establish a solid and solid base for greater economic cooperation.

establishing a transgional organization to facilitate and regulate commercial practices in the belt will be a viable program to accelerate the alignment of rules and regulations between cities. This will undoubtedly play its role in the realization of the vision of the North Metropolis in Hong Kong. In this sense, it is necessary to establish an administrative transmission body, the Border Economic Belt Administration Commission, to coordinate the parts of different cities with distinctive jurisdiction systems. Such arrangement, we believe, would also allow Hong Kong to play a more important role in the GBA.

The baby would be composed of delegates from the governments of all levels, including those of the National Commission for Development and Reform and Ministries in Beijing, the Provincial Government of Guangdong in Guangzhou, the Government of Hksar and the Shenzhen municipal government. It should be a permanent body under the GBA supervision group headed by vice president Han Zheng.

As for the operation, we could take a sheet of the European Commission's book to coordinate the different parts of the distinctive economic distinctive systems. The European Union is one of the most efficient transnational entities in the coordination of its member countries, which makes it a model to follow ideal for the proposed commission to make its example. As a supranational administrative body under the Jurisdiction of the EU, the European Commission is composed of 28 members, including a president and 27 members of the Managing Committees who are in charge of matters in various experience. Each commission member is the same, and make political decisions together. The commission's mandate lasts five years, and each Member State can form a work team of six to nine government officers.

The baby could, in the same way the general operation and a group of support members such as working groups in several economic sectors in the T

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