Hong Kong should adopt a comprehensive strategy to deepen integration with other cities of GBA, and consolidate its innovation and technology network in an attempt to become the Inno-Technology Center of the region, experts say. Oswald Chan informs of Hong Kong.

The special administrative region of Hong Kong has forged a solid Ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in the last 25 years, with President Xi Jinping with great hope in the potential of the city to become a global innovation and Technology Hub.

During his SAR inspection tour last month, XI promised the full support of the central government to Hong Kong to align with national development strategies, particularly the 14th five -year plan (2021 - 25), the area of ​​the Bay Major Guangdong Kong-Macao and the Belt and Road initiative that reinforce the potential of Hong Kong in innovation and technology.

The president visited the Hong Kong Science Park and urged Hong Kong to collaborate closely with other cities in the area of ​​the Great Bay in the strengthening and creation of synergies between research and academic institutions, industries and finance, and the construction of a global height for scientific, technological and innovation advances and the 11 cities cluster.

Business cameras, professional services agencies and global business advice firms in Hong Kong say that integrating the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology sector with the Bay Bay Area of ​​the Great Bay It will be a key catalyst for growth. Therefore, SAR must adopt a complete approach to consolidate its innoch ecosystem.

First, Hong Kong should use a comprehensive strategy to reinforce integration with other cities in the Bay area, with an approach in harmonizing different institutional systems.

"Hong Kong should actively collaborate with the central government in the implementation of more preferential agreements to strengthen the flow of people, capital, goods and information," said the Chinese manufacturers association of Hong Kong president. Shi Lop-Tak.

The Business Chamber wants to see that the 11 cities cluster becomes a "special travel zone", with some tax exemptions related to the "days of presence" for the residents of Hong Kong and Macao that lives and works regularly in the continental cities of the area of ​​the Great Bay. For example, if Hong Kong and Macao residents enter and leave the Chinese continent through the limits of the great bay area within a specific time limit, their stay should not be counted as a "presence day."

"We install the Hong Kong authorities to coordinate with their counterparts to provide support measures and commercial facilitation of policies, such as optimizing the approval process of Hong Kong products will be recorded and sold in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Bay, strengthening the protection of intellectual property of Hong Kong brands, promoting mutual recognition of test reports in Hong Kong and the continent, and the introduction of insurance services for national sales, " Shi said.

Hong Kong has consolidated several Inno-Technology infrastructure to boost industry growth. The San Tin Tecnopole, under the development strategy of the Northern Metropolis, which is expected to group the resources of research institutions, universities and technology companies, it can be an ideal platform for synergistic research and development and the knowledge spill.

Link for new companies with experience in the supply chain/subsequent demands in the cities of the Great Bay area, "said the leader of the southern region of the TMT industry of Deloitte China, Chan Yiu-Bong.

Under the Northern Metropolis Development Plan, Hong Kong-Shenzhen the Innovation and Technology Park and areas around Lok Ma Chau/San Tin will consolidate F

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