WHO boss: I can't help my starving Tigrayan family

War of ethiopia tigray: tedros ghebreyesus unable to send money to 'hungry' family

By Cecilia Macaulay & Kalkidan Yibeltalbbc News, London and Addis Abeba

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    tedros ghebreyesus: 'I do not know if he is dead or who is alive or who is alive'

    The head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, has revealed that he cannot send money to his family" hungry "in Ethiopia War Torning Warregion of Tigray.

    "I have many relatives there. I want to send money. I can't send them money," he said at a press conference.

    "I don't even know who is dead or who is alive," he continued.

    Since the war began in 2020, the region has been cut from the outside world, without electricity or phones.

    The Internet and Banking Services are also unavailable. An aid blockade on the region which imped crucial deliveries: something that blamed the fight.

    tens of thousands of civilians have died and millions need food help. Half of the population of 5.5m of Tigray has a need for "severe" food.

    Fight resumed this week after months of calm after a truce agreed in March CH between the forces of Tigrayan and the Ethiopian government to allow help.

  • Africa LIVE: For more stories from all the contine Ethiopian health, has talked about war. On Wednesday he said the situation was worse than Ukraine's and suggested that racism was behind the difference in the global response.

    "I can tell him that the humanitarian the crisis in Tigray is more than Ukraine, without exaggeration. And I said it many months ago, maybe the reason is the color of the skin of people in Tigray. " Eq5iqo00 "> In 2020 he denied the accusations of an Ethiopian general that he had helped to acquire weapons for the Tigray rebels." There have been reports that suggest that I am taking sides in this situation. This is not true, "he tweeted at that time. >

    Economist and Research Abroad-Kibrom Abay Said Sending Money to Tigray was Extremely Difficul and Costly, which he blames on the suspension of financial services in the region.

    " P>

    A person who lives in capital, said Addis Abeba to the BBC who had found someone who would give money to Tigray to Tigray for a 20%commission. P>

    "The plan was to take it to them

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