Do you have a burning desire to submerge yourself in diverse cultures and make a Positive Impact on the individuals you meet? Look no further, as Teaching Abroad in Zhuhai may be the ideal opportunity for you! Situated on the southern coast of China, this lively city is not just home to stunning beaches and modern infrastructure - it also boasts a fascinating cultural history waiting to be uncovered. By taking on a teaching role in Zhuhai, you'll have the chance to delve deep into this remarkable city while simultaneously enlightening and guiding young minds. Regardless of your proficiency level, there are positions available to teach various subjects, including KG/Elementary, Maths, Science, or ICT.

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Image of New documentary looks at Macao food culture
New documentary looks at Macao food culture

A documentary film that takes a look at the food culture of the Special Administrative Region of Macao, will be transmitted in CCTV-9 on December 20.

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