A cohort of 50 young Chinese scientists won the Xplorer 2022 Award on Thursday, and each received a total of 3 million yuan ($ 434,000) in the next five years to support their research, according to the organizer.

The 50 recipients come from 18 cities and regions, with Dalian, Shenyang, Jinan and the special administrative region of Macao that produce their first winner. The recipients include four women, and the youngest winner is 31 years old.

The prize was launched in 2018 by the Tencent Foundation and 14 renowned scientists. It has 10 categories, from basic sciences to border technologies, ranging from mathematics to environmental sciences, with medical sciences added to the category this year.

The objective of the prize is to encourage scientists under 45 years to pursue their work. The prize has financed 200 promising scientists since its launch.

Wang Guangyu, a researcher at Beijing's University of Publications and Telecommunications, is the youngest winner of the award this year. His research focuses on the use of artificial intelligence to empower medical treatment.

"My work is still in its early phase, but the prize has given me incredible encouragement and recognition," he said. "This will allow me to concentrate on my work and look for a more challenging job. But I also feel a stronger sense of responsibility for producing truly original job." , said the development of Macao science and technology has seen rapid growth in recent years thanks to the support of the nation and interactions with the Guangdong area -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay.

"We will continue to focus on making advances in specific but advanced fields, and make more contributions to the nation's science and technology innovations," he said.

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