Hong Kong, September 21 (Xinhua) - A financial forum held by Phoenix TV and other institutions open here on Wednesday online and offline, with government officials, leaders of The industry and academics that discuss opportunities in the Guangdong-Hong-Macao Greater Bay (GBA) area.

Attend the offline forum held in the Sciences Park of Hong Kong, executive director of Hong Kong Special the Administrative Region (HKSAR) John Lee said that Hong Kong, As a highly open and international city, it is definitely able to play an important role in the development of GBA. The Hksar government will deepen financial cooperation with the continent to promote greater development of the area.

Qin Weizhong, mayor of the city of Shenzhen in southern China, said in a video address that Hong Kong and Shenzhen share the mission and opportunities to promote the Financial Opening Shenzhen will work together with Hong Kong to build an international financial center in the GBA and make a greater contribution to improve the general force and global competitiveness of the area, he said.

Theme "New perspectives in the midst of changes", the two -day forum presents issues that include global economic challenges, green finances, financial support for technological innovation, so as the update of the Hong Kong capital market. ENITERM

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