Teaching English in China? Breathe easy, my friend! Let's clear the air and explore the top 5 cities with good Air Quality.

  1. Zhuhai This coastal city is a beach lover's paradise with a subtropical climate and consistently good Air Quality. No wonder many teachers choose to live and work here!
  2. Xiamen This coastal gem in Fujian province boasts not only beautiful scenery but also clean air. With a relaxed pace of life and a large expat community, it's an excellent place to call home.
  3. Qingdao This coastal city in Shandong province is famous for its pristine beaches and clean air. It's definitely a city to consider when looking for a Teaching job in China.
  4. Dali This Yunnan province city is not only known for its beautiful scenery but also its clean air. It's a great place to live and work with a laid-back vibe and expat community.
  5. Lijiang Another ancient city in Yunnan province, this stunning location offers clean air and a relaxed pace of life. With a large expat community, it's an ideal spot to teach English in China.

Remember, when choosing a city to teach in China, Air Quality is a crucial factor to consider. By selecting a city with good Air Quality, you can breathe easy and enjoy your time in China to the fullest. So why wait? Check out our job opportunities and sign up for a Teaching job today!

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