HONG KONG - The Chief executive of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong of China said (SAR) Carrie Lam in a recent interview with a local newspaper published Monday that Hong Kong is discussing with the Guangdong Province and Macao SAR the mutual easing of compulsory quarantine restrictions, hoping that will soon be implemented.

Hong Kong government last month announced the extension of compulsory quarantine for all incoming travelers from the mainland to June 7 amid COVID-19 pandemic. Lam said in the interview that he hoped that a plan can be developed as soon as possible to allow people from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to meet specific purposes border and passed the new test coronavirus to be exempted from the measure quarantine.

Lam said the Hong Kong government has always adhered to three main principles, including rapid response, complete preparation, and openness and transparency in its work against the epidemic. However, some people have adopted a double standard and tried to use the epidemic issue of making political demands.

The Government of Hong Kong "presents the facts, it makes sense and emphasizes science" when it comes to public health issues, he said, adding one should not introduce political issues to affect management public health problems.

Since January, some opposition politicians have claimed repeatedly that people from the mainland should be prohibited from entering Hong Kong to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Lam said that since February 8, the Department of Health of the Government of Hong Kong has issued more than 100,000 orders mandatory quarantine visitors from the mainland to Hong Kong, and cases so far, none has been confirmed COVID-19.

On the other hand, from March 18, the Department of Health has issued nearly 70,000 orders mandatory quarantine arrivals of foreigners, and so far, more than 400 of them have been confirmed to be infected with COVID-19.

"If we want to evaluate prevention and control of epidemics on the continent and in some other countries, these two sets of figures are the reference value," she said.

Speaking of liberal studies, a compulsory subject in secondary schools of second cycle in Hong Kong, Lam said that if something goes wrong with education, which has to be treated and will be explained within this year how the SAR government will deal with it.

Some people deliberately spread false and biased knowledge in schools, not just during the classe s liberal studies, but also through other subjects. Therefore, it is important to prevent students from being poisoned by fallacies, Lam said.

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