HONG KONG, June 24 (Xinhua) - Hong Kong will remain an ideal place for multinational companies to prosper after the law on the protection of national security in the region Special Administrative Hong Kong (HKSAR) was enacted, Hong Kong SAR Chief executive Carrie Lam said Tuesday

. "for many multinational companies that have a presence in Hong Kong, I think his main concern would be whether Hong Kong will remain the ideal place for businesses to thrive. for this, my answer would be a resounding 'yes', "Lam told a news briefing online Development Forum of China.

The only acts legislation aims of secession, subversion of the power of the state, terrorist activities, and collusion with foreign or external forces to endanger the national security, Lam said. "Obviously, these are not the acts and activities that companies or law-abiding citizens are engaged."

"The vast majority of people, including respectful multinational law firms should welcome the return of stability and public order that have made Hong Kong one of the safest cities in the world for many years, "said

. "These fundamental principles are clearly pro enshrined in the legislac posed covering important legal concepts and the protection of legitimate rights and freedoms of individuals ion, "Lam said

Independence of the SAR, including the power to appeal enshrined in the Basic Law. I believe that businesses and citizens of Hong Kong should find these re-assure provisions "added

"Hong Kong continues to grow as an international financial center, and as a gateway between the continent and the world," said < . / p>

"in short, 'one country, two systems' has proven to be the best constitutional provision for long-term stability and prosperity of Hong Kong. Both the central government and the people of Hong Kong are determined to keep 'one country, two systems'

in hypocrisy, vocal comments by pla and has heard talk of granting citizenship to residents Hong Kong or the threat of sanctions against Hong Kong, said. "we are waiting for the likely outcome of these rhetorical gestures when their own people or domestic politics make the unpopular acts in their country."

the head of the Executive said Hong K ong is not worried about such unilateral sanctions threat. "Hong Kong will continue to rely on its core strengths of the rule of law, Independence of the judiciary, trade policy free and open playing field, the free flow of capital, etc."

"Hong Kong will remain a welcome, world strong and competitive economy playing an irreplaceable role in bringing markets and international companies and Continental together," he said

in addition to the fundamental strengths, Hong Kong continues to enjoy its unique advantages resulting from the opening continuous continental economy, and their active participation in major national initiatives, including belt Initiative and the road and Guangdong-Hong Kong -Macao greater bay area, Lam said

. ". So Hong Kong has a lot of opportunities in the future what we need now is for society to get back to normal," he added

The chief executive Utivé stressed that Hong Kong is determined to conquer the political, social and epidemiological crisis, which have hurt its economy and shaken the community last year

. National security law is an anti-virus software and a beacon of hope, said the CEO, adding that guide Hong Kong for a better future and restore its glory as the Pearl of the Orient, a special administrative region pride of China. End

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