People with facial masks after coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak standing in a shopping mall in Hong Kong, July 20, 2020. [Photo / Agencies]

HONG KONG - Authorities Administrative Region special Hong Kong (HKSAR) government asked residents to actively participate in the next tests of the universal community of COVID-19 and hopes that the test will help Hong Kong normal return at a later date.

Most people participate in the test, the faster the epidemic Hong Kong, Secretary for Administration Matthew Cheung said on Sunday in an online article.

Cheung said the testing program is aimed at detecting asymptomatic patients and cut the chains of virus transmission as soon as possible.

massive test will begin on Tuesday will be launched for free and voluntarily, and the government has reiterated the personal data of participants they will be well protected. With regard, more than 400,000 people have applied for the test.

The Financial Secretary of the HKSAR government Paul Chan also appealed to businesses and chambers of commerce to encourage their employees to take tests coronavirus in his online blog on Sunday.

Only after chains invisible transmission stop, the HKSAR government will be able to focus on reviving the economy and help improve the incomes of people as well as the resumption of tours normal residents of Hong Kong from the mainland and Macao, Chan said.

in view of the COVID-19 challenges, economic stimulus and relief measures of the government of Hong Kong has increased the deficit by about 290 billion Hong Kong dollars ($ 37.41 billion) and fiscal reserves have dropped to around HK $ 800 billion.

Chan said the increase in the deficit is unsustainable and the SAR government has to save energy for economic uncertainties and financial front, as well as possible new round of outbreak in the re futu.

Hong Kong Center for Health Protection reported 15 new cases on Sunday of cases, bringing the total confirmed to 4,801. Regarding, COVID-19 has caused 88 deaths in Hong Kong, and 351 are still hospitalized patients.

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