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XINING Oct. 21 (Xinhua) - In front of a shop black , a shepherd holding a handle steadily wood milk is stirred yak in a bright barrel, until the oil milk slowly and floats to coagulate up

. then poured on a plate coagulated oil which became ghi - favorite food of the shepherds - after having cooled

. Qula separates the shepherdess and continue boiling and fermentation of liquid remaining for Chukha Ngadak, a rich dairy calcium bitter and sweet, with a history of over 4,000 years. Embodies the childhood memory of Peka

.. "They were difficult days, but sweets made by using Chukha Ngadak grandmother would immediately sweeten my life," Peka said < / p>


3PX Peka parents divorced when she was five. His father remarried and the mother moved away, leaving her two younger sisters and a grandmother in a grazing area in Yunta Village in" target="_BLANK">Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu, northwestern Chinese province of Qinghai

"We were too young and grandmother too old for grazing, so they took us to the town when he was nine. But we could not afford a fixed place to live," the 32-year-old Tibetan girl said. "Then we began to live with relatives and friends, and we often drove them away, for various reasons, we also change locations frequently," said

. A poor soul neither parents nor home, Peka often face bullying during childhood

. "When I went to the foot of the mountain in search of water, children all would hit deliberately. my bucket so while legs hurt grandmother, who would still halfway locks down the mountain helps me with naughty children, "said Peka

childhood dream of Tibetan girl was all about TV

. . "During those days, only wealthy families could afford a grandmother television likes to watch TV, but when we went to the house of a relative to the view, people will always insulted and asked us to leave," Peka said. "It was then that I promised myself that one day I also owned a large house with a TV in every room."

But unfortunately, awaiting Grandmother Peka for television remains unattainable.

. "Grandmother died when I was 17. I lost the only person he could trust all seemed useless without the grandmother just wanted him back," he said.

school, business

Peka, however, was not defeated by the pain of losing most part important person in your life. "It had to be the strongest pillar of support for my sisters."

She started to learn Chinese by herself and with the help of a charitable foundation, he enrolled. in a school of Tibetan medicine at the age of 19

"I had always wanted to go to school to pick up cow dung in the past, I could listen. students studying in a school. I cried a lot and wanted to be one of them, "Peka said. "So once I had the opportunity, I have worked very hard from dawn to dusk."

After graduation, Peka realized becoming a doctor was not what I wanted, like his sweet Chukha Ngadak of grandmother used to occupy his mind. "Grandma Sweets are the best memory of my life, which is also a part of Tibetan culture. I wanted to introduce more candies


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