Beijing, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) - A Chinese central government spokesman's office on Thursday expressed its strong condemnation of the so-called "mass resignation" by some opposition lawmakers in the Legislative Council (Legislative Council) of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HKSAR)

. movement, which took place after the decision of the Standing Committee (NPC) of the National People's Congress on the qualification of the members of the Legislative Council once again demonstrates its leading position strong enough to confront the central authorities said spokesman for the Office of the State Council Hong Kong and Macao, describing the move as a blatant challenge to the power of the central authorities and the authority of the Basic law of the Hong Kong

. the spokesman said it is a basic principle of any society based on law that public officials must comply with the legal requirements and conditions and legal responsibi shoulder. bilities of rape

The decision on the qualification of the members of the Legislative Council and the disqualification of the four lawmakers of the Legislative Council were intended to safeguard the rule of law and the constitutional order of the Hong Kong SAR and the orderly functioning of the legislative body and social stability will benefit. The measures were supported by residents of Hong Kong, the spokesman said

. The farce of the "mass resignation" initiated by some opposition lawmakers, of which 15 took part, fully exposed its nature to earn interest personal political disregarding public interests, the spokesman said, adding that this shows once again its leading position strong enough to confront the central authorities

They were, in fact, challenging the Law on the basic SAR and relevant interpretations of the Standing Committee of the NPC and the decision, and to face the global competition of the central authorities of Hong Kong, said spokesman

"we must warn opposition lawmakers is severely miscalculated attempt to instigate confrontation and the bank on the interference of external forces drag Hong Kong into chaos, "said the spokesman. "The central government and the SAR government is determined to safeguard the stability of Hong Kong and set things right."

spokesman recognition is also expressed in the decision by some lawmakers, although being labeled "opposition" to continue performing their functions rather than participate in the < / p>

". mass resignation," said spokesman farce of "mass resignation" will not affect the functioning of the Legislative Council


Have some elements of reduced sabotage, the Legislative Council only better will play constructive roles, the spokesman said, expressing the hope that the remaining legislators perform their work and play a more active role in matters such as control of epidemics, economic recovery and improving people's lives. End


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