Known as the 'China' California, Zhuhai in the South Guangdong province of China has become a popular choice for many foreign English teachers. Having spent a couple of years teaching at the picturesque island of Qi'ao, I had Chinese's quintessial experience. Here I bring you a day in the life of my work as an English teacher in Zhuhai, China.

Source: Jonathan E. Shaw

We present the 'California of China'

in September 2017, I arrived at Zhuhai through the High-speed train from Guangzhou. I was greeted at the station by Anne, a master of private shipping school, had to join me, and led to the campus on Qi'ao Island. My time as an English teacher in Zhuhai had begun!

The campus of the affiliated experimental school of the University of Beijing (a somewhat uncomfortable name when translated into English) is just opposite a beach and a short walk from a small picturesque town. The school is divided into the primary departments, middle and secondary school, and I found the only foreign teacher at high school.

I gave myself time to explore the island, the local town and the city. From Zhuhai in my first week. I have never been to California, but I realized that it is relaxed, sunny and full of fashionable people. On this basis, I can see how Zhuhai obtained his nickname and why as many expats come here to teach.

Zhuhai seemed very relaxed and, as I discovered later, it was also the job. My low salary was composed of a very light and long vacation schedule.

An ordinary school day

7: 00-7: 40 - Breakfast

In some days, it would start class as soon as 7:40 am. Luckily, I lived on the school campus, so my trip consisted of nothing more than a walk through five flights and a couple of a hundred meters to the classroom. There was even time for breakfast in the school canteen. As soon as 7 am, the food room would be full of fellow teachers who got into chinese porridge, yóoutiáo (a stick of fried dough), steamed buns, rice and noodles (breakfast is a bit different in the middle kingdom ).

On Monday morning you would see the students of the three school sections gathered in the central courtyard. High school students would increase the national flag, while primary students, with their red scarves, would sing the national anthem. Everything was very patriotic.

7: 40-11: 50 - Morning classes

Classes were somewhat short and drilled at 40 minutes of a piece, and I would not have more than five or six per Day at my schedule. The morning classes ran until 11:50 when the students would break for lunch.

My job was teaching oral English. They gave me the textbook of the standard school and they told him little more than my schedule. Therefore, it was free to be creative and create lessons that were different from the usual teaching methods of the Chinese educational system. Students tended to enjoy the lessons and were anxious to join games and activities that helped them get a very necessary English practice. However, it lacks the support of the local staff, it meant that the management of the student's behavior could be a challenge at times.

11: 50-14: 00 - Lunch break

At lunch, students and staff would go to the canteen and launch first online. The lunch selection varied day by day. Braided pork, spicy crushed potato and Tofu were some of my favorites. In a moment, I had the challenge of helping a new vegan teacher find a suitable meal in La Cantina. This was difficult, since even some of the Tofu and vegetable dishes were soaked in pork fat. He got along the totality of his job in Pak Choi, Rice and some non-oiled tofu.

After lunch, the entire campus of the school would fall mysteriously in silence, as everyone went through the mandatory nap after lunch. Students who were their bedrooms were told and they closed a little before returning to class around 2:00 p.m. Those who work in any other industry in China will not doubt.

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