The northern part of the Bay of Dalian Bay Undern Tunnel, which is under construction. [Photo by Wang Yaoyu / for]

With the underwater placement of the first immense concrete tube in Dalian Bay, the ambitious tunnel that is being built in the province of Liaoning marked a milestone on 9 December.

It took approximately 17 hours to place the tube, which was 135 meters long, 33.4 meters wide, 9.7 meters high, and weighed 410,000 tons.

The Dalian Bay submarine tunnel will have 18 concrete tubes immersed with 18 a combined length of 5.1 kilometers. It is being built by First Harbor Engineering Co in China Communications Construction CO.

Zhang Haiying, an engineer in the project, said that the tunnel is the most north of its kind in China, and cold weather requires higher standards for resistance to concrete frost.

Compared with the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge, underwater topography and traffic diversion needs for the DALIAN BAY project require higher requirements for the prefabrication and installation of submerged tubes concrete, He said.

To guarantee the installation of the tube butt joint, the research and development team spent three years working solutions for key technical difficulties, to ensure precise coupling between the first immersed tube. and the section installed on the north shore.

It is expected that Dalian Bay is completed and put into operation in 2023 as a new North-South Dalian highway.

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