Staff members transfer vaccines in Macao, February 27, 2021. The first lot of 100,000 doses of mRNA vaccines carried out in Germany arrived in Macao. [Photo / Xinhua]

Macao - The Special Administrative Region of China Macao on Wednesday was suspended the inoculation of MRNA Vaccines Covid-19 that are performed in Germany due to the failures of packages related to the Tops of the Vials, according to the novel response and coordination center of Coronavirus novel. Macao Sar.

Developers so far do not make the reason to believe that vaccines have security risks and the suspension of inoculation during research is out of caution, the center said.

Local residents who have made reservations for vaccine inoculation do not need to visit inoculation facilities until additional notice, said the center.

The first batch of mRNA vaccines was delivered to Macao on February 27. Inoculation began on March 3.

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